12 May 2009

Ownliness brought back to life

In 2002 Frans and I recorded Ownliness. It was the first album where we broadened our musical horizon. The idea was to create music that was less based upon drones or ambient pieces, but allowed us to use our "pop-sensibility". The result was Ownliness. The title was an idea of Raymond Steeg who suggested Only Ness, which I misheard. I though he'd said Ownliness, which I thought was a perfect title. The album has a very nice special atmosphere even though some songs were not as developed as they could have been. Still, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Beam Ends and the title track remain firm Beequeen favorites. The 500 original copies on Infraction records are long sold out, so we're pleased to announce that Infraction has pressed up another 1000. Lovers of beautiful women amongst us will be pleased to note that the cover has remained the same. I am very pleased that this album is available once again and would advise anyone who hasn't got it yet, to go out and buy a copy.