16 February 2009

Small anthem

One of my favorite labels (in fact, my ONLY favorite CDR-label) is MOLL run by Frans de Waard. Favorite because it has an impressive list of artists and some great music, the packaging is professionally printed and they are true value for money. New in the series is this one "Atem". We did this track a long time ago for a compilation entitled Guru Means Slayer Of Darkness (a title I never quite figured out) on Manifold records in 1996. Since the compilation itself is long-deleted and we really liked Atem, we have decided to re-release it as a stand-alone thing. And, listening to it last night, it really works as such. Twenty-one gorgeous minutes of low grumbling sound - I really love this one! Copies are available via MOLL, but why not buy yours directly from me? Sounds fair to me. If you wonder who made the wonderful cover photograph, well, I won't spoil the fun but his name starts with an F.

13 February 2009

Surprise, surprise!

It came as a surprise to receive 6 copies of the recently released DVD Colorfield Variations. At first I thought it was a BBC documentary about those swinging sixties, but much to my amazement this is in fact a brandnew thingie featuring Beequeen (hence the 6 free copies). Nobody tells me anything these days! The DVD features a lot of great music by the likes of Steve Roden, Stephan Mathieu and Chris and Cosey all accompanied by video images. Beequeen has the track Six Inside with a nice, grainy video by Sue Costabile. If this sounds familiar, you're right; the same thing was in fact previously released as Trybid - Installation Soundtracks on BLRR in 2003. Oh well. It does look nice. In fact, a lot nicer than the original. So, I've got 6 copies; 2 will be entered into the ever-expanding Beequeen archive and 4 are up for sale. At 10 Euros each a snip I'd say. Contact me if you're interested. Meanwhile, watch this space. Before you can say "What?!", there might be releases of Beequeen - Live at Woodstock and Beequeen - The Funhouse Sessions we know nothing about.