27 April 2010

And then there were.... three!

Goodbye to the fabulous four and welcome the tremendous three! Last night The Residents played Nijmegen as a threesome. Not sure what to expect after the Bunny Hop shows from last year (which in retrospect were a tad disappointing) I was looking forward to this show with some anticipation. So three there were last night as "Carlos discovered after 40 years the rock and roll lifestyle was not for him and returned to Mexico". There was no theme connected to this show, just "playing some songs and telling some stories". Well, The Residents are amazingly good in telling stories, ya all know that. The music was great too; bombastic, chaotic, intimate, loads of distorted guitar (courtesy of Otto, the man who can restring a guitar in 15 seconds flat - and proved it three times!) and of course Homer's typical voice. A beautiful evening. Great song. Hell, there was even a reprise for Death In Barstow. Two shots from my mobile phone. They're pretty good eh? Just like the show!

21 April 2010

A race well run

Last night Beequeen rehearsed for the upcoming live show in Ottersum. During rehearsals Frans suggested a name for my new guitar (see previous blog post). Seeing the scratch plate has a lightning bolt and the letter A, he suggested it was an AC/DC guitar and I should call it “Rosie”. As I like the idea of a black and white guitar called Rosie, Rosie it is then.

I would like to thank Stuart Goddard for his suggestion of the name “Prince Charming”, Vincent Furnier for suggesting “Balls” and of course Paul McCartney who sent in “Yoko”. Thank you all!

20 April 2010

More branches from the Bee Tree

On Sunday 23 May 2010 Beequeen will perform a live show at Maria Roepaan in Ottersum.

At this 45 minute show we will play some songs from our new CD “Port Out Starboard Home” as well as some older tunes. Olga will be there as well to provide vocals and looks.

The show will be for the K@R art project.


Time: around 13.00 hours
Ticket entrance: 5 Euro
For details concerning address and program for this day:

Oh no....

….not another one!

In my endless (or so it seems) quest for the perfect guitar, we have entered another phase. Two months ago I bought a Fender Jaguar, because it had a wonderfully small neck (well suited for my modest hands), a floating tremolo and, well, because it looked really cool. The Jaguar and I have spent the last two months trying to get to a working relationship. I’m afraid to say we both failed. Somehow it just didn’t work out. The Fender Jaguar is a beautiful guitar but the construction is filled with flaws (which I won’t bother you with, but concern the floating bridge and floating tremolo) and the tone is quite sharp. Sometimes, things just don’t work out in a relationship.

Meanwhile, I fell in love with another guitar - the Eastwood Airline Tuxedo. This time, I took the efford of actually testing it in a shop for two hours before a decision was reached. And a positive decision was reached. However, these guitars do not exactly come cheap at 750 Euros. To make a long story slightly shorter; I sold the adulterous Fender and pre-ordered an Airline Tuxedo via the web at a discount price of 650 Euros. Just before this guitar was dispatched, a hunch (a premonition if you like) told me to have a look at Marktplaats; a second hand site based in the Netherlands. And there she was: a beauty of an Airline Tuxedo, like new, with a Bigsby tremolo added to it (normally these alone would set you back 100 Euro) for sale in Bemmel, a little town very close to Nijmegen. So Miranda and I took the bus, drove to Bemmel and bought the guitar at 450 Euro. We had ice cream in Bemmel (it was a wonderful evening) and got home again happy as peaches. The Airline Tuxedo doesn’t have a name yet, but I award one Brunnen “Swoon” CD to the person who sends in the best suggestion.