17 July 2009

To the upperdestdate of the update

You would be excused for thinking not much has happened last couple of weeks. But just because it's not on a blog, doesn't mean it didn't happen (the same goes for that other strange phenomenon: Twitter). So here's an update on what actually did happen:

1. The Nurse With Wound CDs arrived. Hooray! Turns out the release actually features three CD's in a nice plastic package. I've got one for the archive and one for sale. So the first one to send me a nice e-mail at info@beequeen.nl and confirm they want it for the measely 20 Euros I'm asking, has got him/herself a deal. Pretty fair I'd say.

2. We're still waiting for the shipment of Ownliness CD's that should have arrived by now to be honest.

3. Divine Frequency will soon be mailing us our copies of the new Wander CD entitled... you guessed it, Wander. This one is actually quite good; I'm really proud of the recordings. A good and inspired session. The cover has also turned out great.

4. Between recordings bits and pieces for the upcoming Beequeen CD (entitled Port Out Starboard Home), we worked on a Wander track. It turned out we both liked the track so much than, rather to give it away for a compilation CDR, we want to put it out ourselves. So what we did was record a second track for the B-side (equally good) and decided to make an LP out of it. The LP will be limited to 10 copies on clear vinyl in a nice packaging. Expect a release in a few weeks. No prizes for guessing the title though.

That's it for now.
And remember, you've heard it here first!